Jewish Day Schools

Allegheny County is home to three orthodox Jewish Day Schools, serving students from "tiny tots" through 12th grade. School bus routes to these Pittsburgh schools serve the White Oak community.

Hillel Academy (Orthodox)
5685 Beacon Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Daniel Kraut, Executive Director
Telephone: 412-521-8131
Fax: 412-521-5150

Yeshiva Schools (Lubavitch)
2100 Wightman Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Rabbi Yossi Rosenblum, Principal
Telephone: 412-422-7300
Fax: 412-422-5930

Yeshiva Girls' School (Lubavitch)
6401 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Mrs. Batsheva Deren, Principal
Telephone: 412-422-7302
Fax: 412-422-7369